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West Kingdom Collegium

Saturday June 13th, 2020
Carmichael, California

You are cordially invited to join us in attending the West Kingdom 2020 Collegium. We look forward to celebrating academic excellence with a wide variety of knowledgeable teacher and many interesting classes. In addition to conventional classrooms, we have access to the kitchen and enough outdoor space for open flame and marshall classes.

This is a no smoking, discreetly wet site. No hard alcohol is permitted, but we have been granted special permission for hard alcohol tasting for class purposes.

If you would like to teach a class or have any questions please contact the Collegium Chanslor/ Event Steward.

Event Steward: Lady Brigid O 'Connor — Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Site Opens 8am, Closes at 5pm
Site Fee: 
Adult Registration $20.00; Adult Member Registration $15.00; Children under 17 are free

GPS works with this address, however, when you reach the church, turn onto Myrtle Lane on the west side of the church and follow to the rear of the church to the parking lot. There will be signs. If you have questions, please contact the Event Steward.